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Big Dreamers



by Akilah Newton, Danielle Murrell Cox (Illustrator)

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A stunningly illustrated, rhyming children’s storybook about a beautiful and determined Black boy who dreams of becoming Santa Claus. When Noel was asked to create his Christmas wish list, he only asked for one thing - to become Santa Claus. His dream was met with jeers and laughs from his classmates but despite all odds, this is a story of Noel succeeding and living out his dream!

A story for the ages, this book highlights what's possible when we expand our definition of who people can be. Noel's story is the story of anyone who has been told that because of their race, religion, gender, or neurodivergence, there are things they can't do. This universal tale is about more than the Christmas holiday. Children will be delighted by this heartwarming story. They will be inspired to see themselves as anything they can set their minds to. Noel will quickly become a holiday favourite and serve as a constant reminder to future generations of kids to dream big! 

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