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Black Jack : The Ballad of Jack Johnson

Black Jack : The Ballad of Jack Johnson

by Charles R. Smith Jr., illustrated by Shane W. Evans

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This nonfiction picture book from author Charles R. Smith Jr and illustrated by Shane W. Evans tells the story of the world's first black heavyweight champion, the charismatic Jack "Black Jack" Johnson.

Born as Arthur John Johnson in the southern state of Texas, Jack Johnson was one of the most renowned boxers of the twentieth century. Through hard work and persistence, he climbed the ranks, taking a swing and a jab and eventually busting the color barrier. As the first black man to win the Heavyweight Championship, there was more than a title on the line.

Published to commemorate the 100th anniversary of this history-making bout (July 4, 1910). This is an extraordinary marriage of poetry, fabulous collage artwork, and a splendid achievement in its own right.
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